Robogo is a full service video production company

We are an innovative team of creatives who believe in the art of visual storytelling. We're quick, we're thorough and we crank out media for anyone; from Daryll downstairs who sells cat sweaters to big national brands and everyone in-between. We're the ultimate package.


Have a killer idea or no idea at all? We're your guys. You don't have to have a locked script before we start. Heck, writing the script is half the party! Bring us the visionary notes you scrawled on your napkin at lunch. Creative writing is our forte. We love jumping into a project early, cranking out winning ideas and planning together how to get your story onto the screen in the most effective way possible. Repeat this mantra: Story is king. Story is king.


This might be our favorite part about what we do. We understand and execute all different forms of film from Kickstarters for local artists and commercials for big brands to creative short films and documentaries. We use state of the art equipment and shoot in ultra high definition. Nothing switches us on like lighting the first shot, chomping a Red Vine and screaming "action." We dig it, man!


Editing is like making a baby. A super cool, immortal baby. It's taking all the captured raw elements - audio and visual - and putting them together in just the right way, and then... it's alive! Every project is different and should be treated with care to get the right pacing and tone. We put on all the polish and panache you want with color correction, effects, motion graphics and audio engineering. Now that's one handsome kid!